German rock band Scorpions to perform in Athens in July

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"The concert at the Panathinaikon Stadium is not only a show, but also a cultural event. It is our honor to collaborate with the Athens State Orchestra and hope that our fans who do not listen to classical music, will appreciate its power and energy,"Meine said.

For the first time they will perform in the Panathenaic marble stadium of Athens (also known as Kallimarmaro) , the place where the modern Olympic Games revived in 1896, and the Marathon of Athens ends every year.

"This collaboration is a bridge between rock and classic music. We deeply believe that all kinds of good music must come together and inspire each other," said Tsialis.

Two months before the show, Klaus Meine, lead singer and Rudolf Schenker, lead guitarist and one of the main songwriters of the band, gave a press conference at the Athens Concert Hall Megaron in Athens on Tuesday and joked that their "only anxiety is the summer heatwave in Greece".

by Natasha Pavlopoulou

On July 16 they will present their "Once in a lifetime" show, along with the Athens State Orchestra, under the direction of Stefanos Tsialis.

ATHENS, May 22 (Xinhua) -- Scorpions are not strangers to Greece. The five-member group formed in 1965 in Hanover has performed several times in Athens, however their next appointment with the Greek audience this summer will be different.

"Music is always the language that brings people together, especially when you go through hard times. It is a kind of comfort," he added, referring to economic hardship in Greece.

Klaus Meine (L) and Rudolf Schenker, two founding members of the German rock band Scorpions, attend a press conference at Athens Concert Hall Megaron in Athens, Greece, on May 22, 2018. Scorpions will present their "Once in a lifetime" show along with the Athens State Orchestra at the Panathenaic Stadium of Athens on July 16.(Xinhua/Chris Kissadjekian)